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Sheridan Skips’ Q1 Highlights: Skips, Smiles, and Sustainable Solutions

At Sheridan Skips, we take pride in our commitment to our three key principles: affordability, environmental sustainability, and community engagement. Our focus extends beyond offering competitive pricing, it’s about fostering a greener tomorrow and making a meaningful impact in our local community. At the heart of our operations is a steadfast dedication to leading the market in recycling initiatives and responsible waste management practices, embodying our belief that our service is more than just skips—it’s about championing sustainable solutions for a better world.

Our unwavering commitment extends beyond delivering skips; Sheridan Skips is deeply ingrained in the fabric of our community. By supporting local businesses and charities, we actively enrich and strengthen the communities we serve. Here’s an overview of our various community engagement efforts in 2024 so far—shedding light on the partnerships that underscore our commitment to making a positive impact locally.

  • May 1023, 2024
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Sheridan Skips Takes on Three Peaks Challenge for Beloved Team Member

In a heartfelt initiative, Sheridan Skips, part of the Sheridan Group, is rallying together to support a cherished colleague and friend, Gary Martin, who has recently been diagnosed with throat cancer.

Gary, a valued member of the Sheridan Group team, is not only a dedicated colleague but also a beloved family man and friend. In a show of solidarity, the team at Sheridan Skips has committed to undertaking the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge on Sunday, 3rd December. This endeavour is not only a significant physical challenge for the team but, more importantly, a symbolic gesture of support for Gary and his family during this challenging time.

The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge involves conquering the summits of Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside, and Ingleborough – a formidable task that the Sheridan Skips team is ready to take on with determination and camaraderie.

“We stand united as a team to face this challenge head-on, just as we support each other in our daily work at Sheridan Skips. Gary is not just a colleague; he’s part of our family. This fundraiser is our way of showing him and his family that they are not alone in this journey,” said Anthony Sheridan, Managing Director of the Sheridan Group.

Manchester, Sheridan Skips Needs You

The Sheridan Group team is reaching out to the Manchester community for support. Any contribution, regardless of size, will go a long way in providing assistance to Gary and his family during this difficult period. The collective love and support from the Manchester community can make a significant impact, alleviating some of the burdens faced by Gary and his loved ones.

To make a donation and stand with Sheridan Skips in supporting Gary and his family, please visit this link:  https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/gazmartinthreepeaksfundraiser

The team at Sheridan Skips expresses their heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joins them in this endeavour. Together, we aim to make a positive difference in the life of a colleague, friend, and family man during a challenging chapter. Love and support from the Manchester community are pivotal in making this initiative a success.

Sheridan Skips remains unwavering in its commitment to providing the best skip hire services to the Manchester community. As we face the challenges of the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge to support our colleague Gary Martin, our dedication to community support, reliable services, and sustainability stands as a testament to our values. 

We look ahead to the future with a steadfast commitment to raising the bar in waste management and community engagement. Look out for our distinctive yellow and black skips, symbolising not just waste removal but our enduring commitment to the well-being and prosperity of the Lancashire community.

  • December 839, 2023
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From Grassroots to Green Initiatives: Sheridan Skips’ Impact This Year

At Sheridan Skips, we pride ourselves on our competitive pricing, our commitment to a cleaner, greener future, and most importantly, helping our community. Our primary emphasis lies in our unyielding pursuit of being a market leader in recycling and responsible waste management. We firmly believe that it’s not just about the skips; it’s about the sustainable practices that define our service.

This past year, we’ve been dedicated to providing the best service we can, and nurturing the neighbourhoods we serve, supporting local initiatives, while sponsoring a brighter future. By actively engaging with the community, we’re not only helping the planet but also enriching the lives of those around us. What really makes us unique is our all-around approach.

Serving customers in the heart of the North West

Customers in greater Manchester have been going out of their way to positively review Sheridan Skips on TrustPilot this year. Specifically, praising the unsung heroes behind our commitment to impeccable service; our drivers. Their technical prowess and dedication to the job are nothing short of remarkable. Whether it’s manoeuvring a skip into a tight spot, executing precise pickups and deliveries, or even gracefully handling tricky situations, our drivers consistently go above and beyond.

The Sheridan Skips team works diligently to ensure every aspect of your skip hire experience is exceptional. Customers have reported back to say that when slots seemed scarce, Sheridan’s dedicated office staff stepped in to ensure needs were met, and everything progressed in a stress-free manner. If you’re looking for a skip hire company that truly cares about its customers, look no further than Sheridan Skips.

Community Outreach and Sponsorships

Throughout the year, we have wholeheartedly embraced our role in supporting local initiatives and aspiring athletes, demonstrating our commitment to community betterment. Here’s a glimpse of some of the remarkable projects we have been actively engaged in:

  • Prestwich Hays: As part of our ongoing mission to foster grassroots football, we proudly sponsor players at Prestwich Hays. This sponsorship empowers young talents and supports the development of the sport at the local level.
  • Avro FC: Our enduring partnership with Avro FC stands as a testament to our dedication to community sports. By providing ongoing sponsorship to this local football club, we not only promote the love of the game but also contribute to the development of future football stars.
  • George Killeen: In the world of boxing, we have taken under our wing the promising talent of George Killeen. Our sponsorship nurtures local boxing facilities, ensuring that the community has access to top-notch training and coaching.
  • Fulledge Colts, Burnley: Bolstering local sports is a cause close to our hearts. Our sponsorship of Fulledge Colts is a step towards encouraging young athletes to excel in their chosen sports. By investing in their growth, we empower the future of local sports.
  • Fox ABC Boxing Gym: Wellness and fitness are vital components of a thriving community. That’s why we extend our support to Fox ABC Boxing Gym, where the focus is on the well-being of the community. Our contributions aid in maintaining and enhancing the facilities at this local gym, ensuring that fitness is accessible to all.

Furthermore, Sheridan Skips extends our support to numerous community projects and charitable organisations. We offer free skips monthly to a variety of projects, including Casual Minds Matter, Princes Trust, Rainbow Children’s Charity, Dorian’s House Hospice, and Manchester Children’s Hospital. This generous support underscores our dedication to making a positive impact in our local community.

We’re skipping into another year of service!

As we approach 2024, Sheridan Skips is resolute in our commitment to delivering unmatched service. Our pledge is simple: to constantly raise the bar. In the coming year, we’re poised to set new standards in waste management and community support. Be sure to be on the lookout for the yellow and black skips in your neighbourhood.

“This has been a standout year for us. Looking ahead to the next year, we will pursue our mission to nurture local communities, sponsor important initiatives, and empower our community. We remain committed to creating a cleaner and more sustainable future. Our customers are our driving force and we expect the next year to be an exciting journey,” stated Anthony Sheridan, Managing Director of the Sheridan Group.

  • October 2743, 2023
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Sheridan Skips: The Sustainable Choice For Home Renovation Skip Hire

An image of home renovation waste sitting outside of the house

Home renovation projects can be both exciting and daunting. From planning to execution, there are many steps involved in turning your dream home into a reality. At Sheridan Skips, we understand the challenges that come with home renovation projects and we’re here to help.

Sheridan Skips offers a range of skip sizes to suit your specific needs, whether you’re renovating a single room or your entire home. You could be looking to remodel your kitchen, update your bathroom, or add an extension to your living space. No matter the project, Sheridan Skips can accommodate various types of waste, including general household waste, garden waste, and construction waste.

By using our skips, you can ensure that your waste is disposed of responsibly and in an environmentally friendly manner. We are committed to reducing the impact of waste on the environment and strive to recycle as much waste as possible.

Don’t let waste slow your project down

Renovation projects can generate a significant amount of waste, from discarded materials to excess packaging and debris. If not properly managed, this waste can accumulate and slow down your project, leading to delays and increased costs. However, by taking proactive steps to manage waste, you can keep your project on track and running smoothly.

By arranging a skip, you can ensure that waste is properly collected and disposed of, reducing the risk of it piling up and creating a safety hazard. If you have any questions on the size of skip you need for your project, take a look at our skip size comparison chart.

By taking care of waste removal quickly and efficiently, you can free up time and resources to focus on other important aspects of your project, ultimately helping you to deliver high-quality results on time and within budget. Whether it’s a domestic renovation or an extensive commercial project requiring a long-term waste management strategy, we’ve got multiple skip sizes, so you’ll always have the right unit for your needs.

At Sheridan Skips, we understand that time is money and we’re committed to meeting your project deadlines. Our skip hire service offers convenient same day drop off and collection of a variety of skips. You can trust us to keep your site clean and prepared for the next stage of your project.

Ready to get started? You can use Sheridan Skips’ online skip booking service. Simply provide your postcode, and choose a skip that suits your needs. Then, select the dates for drop-off and pick-up.

It’s good to be green with Sheridan Skips

Hiring a skip has benefits over and above reducing the amount of waste your renovation project produces. It can also help you to meet environmental regulations and demonstrate your commitment to sustainable practices.

With the increasing awareness about climate change and environmental sustainability, homeowners are becoming more conscious of their actions and their impact on the planet.

Sheridan Skips has taken significant measures to promote sustainability in our operations. We have invested in state-of-the-art recycling equipment and other advanced technologies to minimise waste.

Sheridan Skips ensures that every aspect of the recycling process is carefully monitored and adhered to, resulting in a more eco-friendly and responsible approach to waste management. When you are engaged in a home renovation project, you could be looking to throw away an assortment of materials. Rest assured Sheridan Skips can dispose of a plethora of materials in an environmentally friendly way.

The materials we can remove include ozone-depleting substances, namely refrigerators, as well as hazardous chemical wastes such as paint. Additionally, we can safely dispose of inert waste, construction materials, drill cuttings, electrical equipment like televisions, bulky metals, plastics, rubber products, waste rock, and a multitude of other materials.

Contact Sheridan Skips today

Our comprehensive approach to waste management ensures that all materials are disposed of in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner, in accordance with industry regulations and best practices.

If there is material you are particularly concerned about that you think we can’t remove, call us now and let’s get your skip booked so you can start your home renovation project. Call us on 0161 675 0667 or get in touch with us at info@sheridanskips.co.uk.

  • September 1527, 2023
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Easter Egg-cellence Giveaway for Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

Sheridan Skips, the family-owned waste management company, is committed to supporting their community in everything they do. They are partnering with the Manchester Children’s Hospital to bring some joy to the children in their care this Easter.

Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital is the largest and busiest children’s hospital in the UK, with 371 paediatric beds and 60 neonatal cots. They offer general paediatric care as well as specialised and highly specialist services for children and young people across the North West, UK, and internationally. They prioritise family-centred and compassionate care for their patients.

Sheridan Skips has organised an Easter egg charity drive, collecting chocolate eggs to donate to the children. They are proud to support organisations like Manchester Children’s Hospital and help spread some Easter cheer to the children supported by the organisation.

The company has been collecting chocolate eggs from their employees and customers, as well as purchasing additional eggs to ensure that every child receives a sweet treat this Easter.

Sheridan Skips are committed to giving back to the community and have worked with a range of organisations over the years. By partnering with Manchester Children’s Hospital, Sheridan Skips hopes to raise awareness of the important work the hospital does for children and encourage others to get involved.

“We love supporting local charities,” said Anthony Sheridan, Managing Director of the Sheridan Group and CEO of Sheridan Skips. “As a socially responsible organisation, we strongly believe in contributing towards the betterment of society. This Easter, we are delighted to bring a smile to the faces of the children at Manchester Children’s Hospital.”

If you’re a local charity looking for support, Sheridan Skips would love to hear from you. We are always looking for ways to give back and make a difference in the community. Contact us today on 0161 675 0698 to find out how we can help.

  • April 1157, 2023
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Sheridan Skip’s Supports Ukrainian Refugees with Local Appeal

As a family run business, with the surrounding community at the heart of our endeavors – Sheridan Skips, has been operating as a drop-off point for those wishing to donate vital supplies for Ukrainian Refugees.

Why Our Ukraine Appeal Matters

Following mass devastation across the country of Ukraine due to the conflict with Russia, millions of Ukrainian people have been displaced. Many Ukrainians had no choice but to flee their homes and jobs, leaving their belongings and everything they knew behind.

With an influx of Ukrainian refugees across Europe trying to rebuild their lives the best they can, donations are incredibly valuable to them. Consequently, the Sheridan Skips team decided to utilise our resources to enable us to act as a drop-off point for those looking to donate items to Ukrainian refugees.

Local Communities with a Big Heart

The communities of Lancashire and Greater Manchester didn’t hold back in showing love and support for the people of Ukraine, with a large number of donations from people around the North West region.

The Sheridan Skips team decided to spread awareness by collaborating with our Lancashire based Marketing Agency, The Hatch.

The Hatch designed and produced dedicated posters and distributed them around the village of Sabden, where their headquarters is located.

Thanks to their support further propelling the fundraiser to new heights, an abundance of generous donations were delivered including items such as camping equipment, baby clothes, bedding/sleeping bags, toiletries and more.

Sheridan Skips’ CEO, Anthony Sheridan, commented: “I’m absolutely thrilled with the success of the Ukraine Appeal so far, and incredibly grateful to everyone who has donated to it. It is our hope that these donations will be able to help the people of Ukraine, following such traumatic events.”

Support our Ukraine Appeal

As the war continues to displace Ukrainians, Sheridan Skips is committed to continuing to support them with continuation of our Ukraine Appeal.

To find out more information about the Sheridan Skips Ukraine Appeal, you can call a member of the team on 0161 647 7668.

  • August 347, 2022
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Will You Need a Permit When Hiring a Skip?

skip hire on road with a permit

When hiring a skip, one extremely important aspect to consider and determine is whether you need to get a skip permit. However, getting to grips with skip permits, licenses, and legislation can feel like a daunting task if you are not familiar with the waste removal industry.

However, it doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds – Sheridan Skips is on hand to assist you throughout every step of the waste removal process.

Skip Permits – What Are They and Do I Need One?

According to The Highways Act 1980, skips cannot be placed on a public highway without permission from Highway Network Management. In giving their permission, the Highway Authority will ensure that all skips are placed safely, posing no danger to traffic and pedestrians travelling around it. Thus, if you wish to keep a skip on a public road, it is a legal requirement for you to apply for and retain a skip permit.

You won’t require a skip permit if you are keep your skip on private roads, driveways, or any other private property. When it comes to un-adopted roads it’s always best to double-check, even though these roads do not have to be maintained by the Highway Authority.

All applications are directed to the local governing authority, which is the local city or county council.

Before applying for a skip permit, consider the following key points to increase your chances of the permit being successful:

  • The skip will not be placed on double-yellow lines
  • No utility access points should be blocked or covered
  • If drives will be blocked, you should have written permission from the property owners
  • Whether the skip meets the necessary criteria to be left overnight unattended

Once receiving your application, the authority will consider a variety of factors, including:

  • How wide the road is and how safe it would be to place the skip on said road
  • How busy the road is and whether the skip may cause a significant obstruction, adding to the traffic
  • How close the skip will be to the property
  • Any dangers that the skip may cause
  • Cross-checking against scheduled road maintenance to ensure that no roadworks will coincide with the duration the skip is placed on the road

Permission may be granted unconditionally, or it may be subject to specified terms and conditions, such as:

  • Location details – it should not block the pavement, any crossroads or junctions, access to property, or too much of the road, and should not reduce visibility for drivers.
  • The maximum size of the skip allowed onsite – typically an 8-yard builder’s skip, which is the most common skip used for domestic properties.
  • How to ensure the skip is visible – skips must be visible to drivers and pedestrians even in the dark.
  • The disposal of the contents – the contents of the skip should be disposed of safely and appropriately.
  • How many days on the highway the skip is allowed to stay – skips must be removed on or before the date of the permit’s expiry.

Additional terms and conditions may apply, depending on the individual circumstances of your situation.

The price and conditions of the application vary from council to council. For example, in Manchester companies must provide insurance details that prove possession of public liability insurance of at least £10 million, plus a certified waste carrier license, and pay £128 upfront. The permit is then issued by Highway Network Management – you can contact Highways with any complaints or questions about applications and permits.

skip permit legislation

What is Covered by Your Skip Permit?

As a skip permit holder, you will be entitled to keep your skip on the road outside your property for the agreed term, allowing you to fill it to the brim with the items you wish to dispose of.

However, a skip permit does not just pertain to the location of the skip – in order to be granted a license,  the skip company will be required to prove they hold a waste carrier license. This means that, once you are done with the skip, you can then remove it from the road and be rest assured that the items in your skip will be disposed of effectively.

At Sheridan Skips, we take this one step further – we understand that landfills that are overflowing contribute towards global warming, so we ensure that recyclable materials are disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way.

What if I Don’t Have a Skip Permit?

Enforcement officers will regularly check up on all skips in and around Manchester, checking to see if they have a license. As official enforcement officers, they will be able to see all the details at the touch of a button.

In addition to this, your neighbours or passers-by are well within their rights to report a skip that they think might be unlicensed, either by calling the skip company directly or by reporting it to the local council or government over the phone or via a feedback form platform. If the skip gets reported, then enforcement officers will be dispatched to investigate the matter.

As skip permits are a way to ensure public safety is maintained, being caught using a skip without a license may result in a hefty fine. The same applies if you are caught breaking any of the terms and conditions of your permit. In some cases, this can cause the permit to be rescinded effective immediately.

Fines for unlicensed skips are most typically issued to the skip company that is named on the side of the skip. However, in some cases, it is the requirement of the council that the customer organises the permit. In these cases, the skip hire company can pass the fine down to the customer.

Thus, it is good practice to always check that a valid permit is in place for your skip, whether it was your requirement to acquire it or not. This will ensure that neither you nor the hire company will be fined by the Highways Authority or your local council.

If you are completely new to skip permits, and you think you may have been using a skip that you should have got licensed, don’t panic. If you simply forgot or didn’t know, apply for a skip permit immediately.

You will receive a monetary penalty, plus the upfront cost to backdate the skip permit to when you first placed it on the street; however, this will be a lot less hefty than the fine you will receive if you are caught without a license.

This does not just refer to skips – you still need a skip license for other waste removal containers, such as a skip bag or a Hippo bag, if they are to be located on a public highway. It is also worth noting that these bags come with additional terms and conditions relating to the waste that can be disposed of in them, prohibiting certain hazardous items and heavy objects.

Another instance where you might not realise you need a skip permit is if you opt for a one load service, where the skip arrives and leaves within a day. Even if the skip is only on the public highway for a single day, it can still pose a danger to the public, and thus you will still be legally required to purchase a skip permit.

Frequently Asked Skip Permit Questions

Applying for a skip permit for the first time doesn’t always have to be a daunting task. To assist you in your journey, our experts have collated and answered some of our most frequently asked questions about skip permits.

How long does a skip permit last?

The license period of a skip permit depends on two factors – how long you need the skip license for, and how long the council are willing to grant it for. This means that a skip permit can significantly vary from anything between 1 week to 28 days, depending on the situation.

If you require the skip for longer than this, you may be able to contact the council in advance to discuss a longer-term solution. Otherwise, permits can be extended for an additional fee. You can find more information about this below.

The term as to which the permit is granted should be stuck to at all time, as if you exceed the duration of the skip permit without notifying the relevant council or applying for an extension, then you will face the risk of a fine or the permit being revoked.

Where do I get a skip permit from?

A skip permit should be obtained from the relevant local council – that is, the legislative authority where the skip is to be situated, and thus the owner of the public road. In some cases, it is the responsibility of skip companies, or your chosen skip hire business, to obtain the license. In others, filling out the application form is up to the property owner to apply for skip licenses and permits.

To check whether you are responsible for skip permit applications, you can find the rules about skip permits for each local council on the Government website.

How much does a skip permit cost?

The license fee of a skip permit varies from council to council. Some municipalities may charge a set price per skip, whereas others may charge per skip, per week. The license cost might also take into account other fees for skips, such as single parking bay suspension fees, comprehensive parking suspension fees, or a parking permit when the skip is to be placed in a controlled parking zone, in accordance with the relevant council safety restrictions.

In these cases, you may have to apply separately for a parking suspension permit from the council’s parking services team. Though this will not directly affect the cost of skip permits themselves, this can increase the overall fees for skips on the whole.

What happens if I forget to get a skip permit?

If you forget to get a skip permit, and thus have possession of an unlicensed skip, you can receive a monetary fine, plus the cost to backdate the permit to the time you started using it. It is up to the issuing council in respect to how much this fine might be.

Can I renew my skip permit?

If you have a valid skip license that is about to expire, you can pay an additional fee to renew your permit for up to another 28 days, depending on the highway authority. If it has already expired, you will need to apply for a new permit as soon as possible to avoid incurring any fines.

Can someone else complain about my skip permit?

Members of the public might contact highway network management to make a complaint if you are violating the terms and conditions of your permit. These conditions will be stipulated by your local council when issuing your permit.

Terms and conditions can include the need for safety lights, reflective markings, traffic cones, contact details of the skip company, and that the skip is not blocking the pavement. If these terms are violated, you can be fined up to £1,000.

Can my skip permit be revoked?

Your permit can be revoked if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of your skip license, such as location, dimensions, visibility, lighting, or not using a suitable rubbish clearance service. Even if it is not revoked, you may incur a hefty fine instead.

What do I do if my application is turned down?

When skip permit applications are rejected, then you might be able to seek licence holder redress. For expert advice or an advice guide about this, get in touch with our customer service team, or enlist the free and impartial assistance of Citizens Advice.

Can anyone else use my skip permit?

No – the skip permit is for your skip only, from the named skip hire company, situated in the approved location, for the specified amount of time.

Obtain your Manchester Skip Permit

Still have questions you haven’t found the answer for? Looking for skip hire without having to worry about organising permits yourself? Sheridan Skips can assist you through every step of the way.

Here at Sheridan Skips, we are committed to protecting the environment and the surrounding communities that we operate in. Due to this, we will always go above and beyond to ensure that the appropriate safety measures, permits, and carbon-conscious waste disposal techniques are implemented at all times.

For skip hire in Droylsden, Oldham, and the Greater Manchester region,  you can contact our friendly customer service team online or by calling 0161 675 0640.

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Why Hire a Skip for Your Spring Clean?

spring cleaning tools

For many, the COVID-19 pandemic has been an opportunity to sort out home improvement projects for which they had previously lacked the time. And, of course, the downside of this is finding suitable disposal for the large amounts of waste that projects like these generate; however, in Manchester and the surrounding areas like Oldham and Trafford, you can easily book a skip online to prepare for your next spring clean or renovation project.

Hiring a Skip for Bulky Items

The Cambridge Dictionary defines spring cleaning as cleaning “all of a place, especially your house, very well, including parts you do not often clean”. To spring clean can also simply mean “to organise something, getting rid of the things you do not need”.

Unfortunately, though, some objects up for disposal can pose the problem of finding adequate removal. For example, while paper waste like newspaper, cardboard and paper packaging is unlikely to be overly arduous to handle, your heart may understandably sink if, during your annual spring clean, you decide it’s finally time to get rid of a sofa or chair that is damaged beyond repair. How are you supposed to get rid of that?

Plenty of other possibilities abound. Perhaps a son or daughter has recently moved out of the home, leaving behind a bed and bedside table you no longer have a practical use for. Alternatively, your microwave or vacuum cleaner might have permanently broken – leading you to buy a new one whilst remaining stumped about how to dispose of the old one, which you might not be able to sell.

The situation could be even worse if you have accumulated a wide range of waste as a result of undertaking DIY work in your home. You could currently have surplus plasterboard, bricks, mortar and glass strewn about various rooms.

Basically, if your household waste includes bulky items you wouldn’t be able to fit in your usual rubbish bin or recycling bin, you will need to arrange for a waste removal service to take those unwanted items off your hands – or, more to the point, off your land.

Yes, it would likely have to be your own, private land – unless a skip permit was obtained, specifying that you have been granted legal permission to keep a skip on a public road. If you want to hire a skip from us but you lack any private land – like a driveway – on which the skip could be practically placed, you might have no option but to seek a skip permit.

In the interest of public safety, including that of traffic and pedestrians, the Highways Act 1980 requires homeowners to have a skip licence in place before arranging for a skip to be positioned on a public road. Fortunately, we have prepared a detailed guide to how this licence can be obtained.

Even if a skip permit is granted, you would only be able to use it for the specific skip you are hiring and exactly where and when the applicant has said they seek to place it. However, if the permit application succeeds, you would be able to start filling your skip to the brim.

What could you fill it with? We have already mentioned quite a few examples – but others include doors, fridge freezers, cookers and mattresses at an additional charge. Rest assured that, whatever type of household waste you want to get rid of, we have a suitable size of skip available.

An Environmentally Friendly Way to Dispose of Waste

Another incentive to look for skip hire services when you have excess household waste is that providers of these services know how to dispose of it without damaging the environment. Therefore, you can avoid engaging, whether deliberately or accidentally, in ‘fly-tipping’ – that is, illegally depositing waste at a site lacking a licence to accept it.

When people do resort to fly-tipping, it is often due to the perceived ‘hassle’ of finding a site that indeed has a licence to accept waste. However, fly-tipping is a short-sighted approach that comes at a huge cost to the planet.

For example, if the waste includes dangerous chemicals, these could contaminate the soil and, as a possible consequence, harm local wildlife. This nonchalant method of waste disposal can also inconvenience locals and even risk their health by attracting flies and pests.

Even if you were to overlook the dubious ethics of fly-tipping, it would pose a major financial risk to yourself, as there is no specific fine for unlawfully disposing of waste on UK land. Instead, it is left to the courts to decide what financial penalty should apply.

It is worth emphasising that, as a licensed skip hire company, we will be able to accurately discern for ourselves what kinds of waste you have placed in the skip when we come to collect it again. Hence, we can make sure all of this waste is disposed of with ecological concerns in mind.

Once we have retrieved the skip from your home, the container will be taken to a local waste transfer station so that staff there can closely examine the contents. Some of these could be recyclable – in which case, they will eventually be sent to a local recycling centre.

However, the skip could also potentially be found to contain hazardous materials, such as asbestos, batteries or medical waste. As it would be dangerous for materials like these to be left on a landfill site, our team will make sure they are delivered to a more appropriate place.

Essentially, the more waste we can keep away from landfill sites, the better for the environment. Fortunately, when you book our domestic skip hire services, a specialist can help you to help them. For example, if you are uncertain what can and can’t be placed in one of our skips, you can ask our delivery team for clarification.

Household waste you would be able to transfer to the skip include furniture, plastic bottles, paper, cardboard and clothes. However, not all of your home’s waste could be from inside the building proper…

If you are particularly green-fingered, you might have been busy overhauling various parts of your garden – and generated a wide variety of garden waste in the process. Though garden debris comprises about 14% of the average household bin’s contents, you might not have realised that most types of garden waste are actually strong candidates for recycling.

Examples include grass, flowers, hedge cuttings, weeds and bark – any of which a specialist company would be able to turn into compost. This, in turn, could be used to nourish soil and so help plants to grow – a great way garden ‘waste’ can be seamlessly returned to the earth.

Save Time and Effort

You might be well aware of the importance of taking various eco-friendly measures but – understandably, given the fast pace of modern life – lack enough time to research everything you should do to reduce the strain your waste disposal methods place on the planet.

This is why, with our skip hire services, we always arrange for eligible materials to be responsibly recycled. We can also save more of your precious time – and help you to cut down on your carbon emissions – by preventing you from having to make multiple trips yourself to a tip.

Such repeated journeys could initially seem necessary if, say, you have pursued a major construction project at your home and amassed an awful lot of waste as a result. However, if renovation projects are a common thing at your property, we can help to significantly lower the average time it would take you to (responsibly) clear waste materials from your residence after the renovation work.

As we have previously mentioned, you could need a skip licence if you don’t have any particular private land on which the skip could be placed for as long as you need it. However, in many instances, obtaining this licence can be surprisingly straightforward.

Depending on the rules imposed by your local governing authority, you might not even need to apply for the licence yourself. We offer skip hire in Manchester as well as a wide array of other geographic areas near the Greater Manchester city – such as PrestwichWhitefield and Limeside.

In many parts of England, the skip hire business itself is responsible for obtaining the permit. Fortunately, it’s easy to check, on the UK Government’s website, whether your own local council would require you to send the application.

The application will be sent to the local authority, who will assess it on the strength of various safety factors, such as how wide and busy the road is and therefore whether the skip could cause a major obstruction there. Also taken into account will be the skip’s proximity to the property.

You could be fined if you hire a skip for which a permit is not in place. Also, even once a skip permit has been granted, particular terms and conditions will apply to its usage – and our friendly team can easily guide you on these if any terms have left you confused.

Hire a Skip for Your Spring Clearout Today!

We offer a wide range of skip sizes – from four cubic yards, which can hold about 30-50 full bin bags, to 16 cubic yards, which are capable of accommodating as many as 170-200 bin bags full of household waste. If you are unsure which skip size would be best for your particular needs, please phone us on 0161 647 7668. When you feel ready, you can click here to book a skip online.

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What Skip Size Do I Need for My Project?

sheridan skips yard

If you have a long history of overseeing refurbishment, remodeling and renovation projects, you are probably all too familiar with the arduous experience of taking repeated trips to the tip to offload the tonnes of waste generated as a result of property improvement work.

In your case, perhaps the work in question has been a domestic project, like fitting out a new kitchen or bathroom, or one of the commercial projects often appealing to businesses – such as repainting an office in new colours as part of a rebranding exercise.

At one point or another, though, you could find yourself with a dauntingly large amount of domestic or commercial waste that needs discarding. Simply dumping this waste on land not licensed to accept it would be a big no-no, as this would constitute the unlawful practice of fly-tipping.

Naturally, you need to find legal means of waste disposal – but taking your waste to a tip, otherwise known as a landfill site, can have a wide range of drawbacks in itself. Tips are so busy that you may need to wait in a long queue before you can even start manually loading and unloading your vehicle.

This loading and unloading can also be time-draining – especially if you have a large number of bulky items that need transferring. Depending on the amount of waste you have in total, you could also find yourself needing to make multiple trips even when all of this waste has come about due to just one building project.

Making multiple tip runs could also significantly increase your carbon emissions. That’s before you consider the further environmental damage you could inadvertently cause by using a landfill for the waste you might not have realised would actually be a strong candidate for recycling instead.

Fortunately, for both domestic and commercial customers, we provide skip hire in Manchester as well as surrounding areas like BuryTameside and Ashton-under-Lyne. While finding a solution for project waste is difficult, a skip can provide you with the best and easiest way to dispose of this material.

What Project Materials Can I Put in a Skip?

It could have eluded your notice just how efficient a skip hire service can prove for helping you to discard various types of waste. While not all materials would be suitable for a skip, a specialist skip hire company like Sheridan Skips can still advise you on what materials you should leave out – and help you with finding alternative ways to dispose of them.

The Builders’ Skips (Markings) Regulations 1984 govern what you legally can and can’t put in a skip. This law is in place to help prevent materials from being handled in a manner damaging to the environment – especially as certain waste is capable of emitting dangerous chemicals.

So, what items can you place in a skip? Good examples include many materials often routinely used in property improvement work, such as wood, tiles and plaster. We offer skips in which you could also load heavy building materials like rubble, stones, clay, bricks, metals and concrete.

Our friendly team can even help you with spring cleaning – as paper, cardboard, clothes and furniture could all also go into skips we are ready to supply. With a skip collection service, we can also handle large amounts of garden waste – for example, if landscaping work has just been completed in your garden and loose grass, weeds, flowers, bark and hedge cuttings now need removal.

Though garden debris comprises roughly 14% of the average household bin, most kinds of garden waste can actually be recycled. Once we have sorted through your skip and identified garden materials that would be eligible for composting, we can send these to a specialist company that would be able to create compost that is ideal for nourishing soil and helping plants to grow.

So, what items are you legally barred from putting in a skip? These items include animal waste, gas cylinders, batteries, paint, tyres, lighting fixtures, TVs and other, similar electrical devices. Also on the list is asbestos. When materials containing asbestos are disturbed or damaged, they release fibres that, when inhaled, can cause serious diseases.

What Skip Size Is Best for a Commercial Project?

We offer four different sizes of skips – and, if you are a landlord or property developer overseeing improvement work on a commercial property, you could understandably be eager to discern which of these sizes would be ‘just right’ for your needs.

After all, opting for the wrong size could require you to subsequently hire a new, more suitable skip, therefore costing you extra time and money – neither of which your business might have in particularly large supply. So, you should try your best to make the right choice the first time around.

The most common size of skip chosen by clients hiring from us is our 8-cubic-yard size, which is capable of holding various materials you might routinely use for commercial projects. These materials include rubble, wood, plastic and metal.

You could find this size of skip particularly cost-effective for disposing of plasterboard, as this must not be placed in a skip with mixed waste. Instead, plasterboard has to be kept separate, such as in its own skip – but your particular project might not result in quite enough plasterboard wastage to justify you hiring one of our larger, and thus more expensive, sizes of skip just for it.

Nonetheless, you could find that your waste disposal needs are much more significant than what our smallest skips alone can meet. Often, businesses can be involved in multiple property developments and improvements at once – and this can see demand for waste collection services soar.

If your business is indeed occupied in this way, you could feel drawn towards our 8-yard skips, each of which can hold eight tonnes of bulky waste. You could even contemplate our 12-yard skips, which are each good for containing up to 12 tonnes of heavy waste, or 16-yard skips – any of which can hold as many as 170-200 full bin bags of waste.

If you are struggling to decide which of our skip sizes would best suit your particular commercial requirements, we would welcome you to give us a call on 0161 647 7668 for a chat about the issue. We can schedule regular skips for commercial projects underway in Manchester and surrounding areas.

Which Skip Size Should I Hire for a Domestic Renovation Project?

Various examples of home renovation projects abound. These include installing new kitchens and bathrooms, converting garages and lofts and even just a little redecorating, such as repainting a wall or applying new wallpaper to it. However, all of these projects can create various kinds of waste.

Exactly what kinds of waste they do create will be a major factor in which type of skip should be hired in the aftermath. Still, before choosing between our skip sizes, you should look into whether you could find new uses for at least some of the ‘waste’ your renovation work has left behind.

While skips are often used to get rid of such usable items as furniture, these can be relatively bulky and so call for much larger skips than, say, surplus pieces of wood, plastic or metal. So, consider whether you might be able to donate usable items to charity or just give them away.

Minimising the amount of your domestic waste in this way can also make it easier for you to utilise cheap skip hire – since, the smaller the skip, the less expensive it will likely be to hire. A skip measuring four cubic yards can suffice for many smaller home renovation projects, like bathroom refits – and is also our most popular skip size.

However, if your home renovation project is particularly demanding or turns out to require more work than you had anticipated, the perfect skip for your needs could be larger than the base size we offer. Hence, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask our skip specialists for further advice on the subject.

It’s worth heeding that you could also need a skip permit if the skip will need to be left on public land – rather than, say, a driveway or garden, if neither of which you own is quite large enough to accommodate the skip. Reassuringly, though, we have helped domestic clients with obtaining skip permits and are thoroughly familiar with the process.

This is just one reason why our professional team can help you to save time, as they can also arrange to retrieve a skip on the same day they initially provide it. Alternatively, they could turn up to collect the skip the following day, if this would be more convenient for you.

As we know that overflowing landfill sites exacerbate climate change, we endeavour to minimise how much of the waste we collect eventually ends up at these sites. We follow strict, eco-friendly protocols and procedures, which enable us to sort materials left in a skip and identify recyclable contents so that we can subsequently transport them to recycling centres.

It’s Easy to Utilise Skip Hire in Manchester and Nearby

With our skip hire solutions, we serve a wide range of locations – including not only Manchester but also such nearby areas as OldhamTraffordAshton-under-Lyne and Droylsden. When you hire a skip from our professional service, you can anticipate being able to dispose of waste as and when necessary – whether you are enhancing a domestic or commercial property.

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What Do I Do with Home Renovation Waste?

home renovation waste

Over time, the appeal of a home can naturally fade due to natural wear and tear, as well as other instances of physical damage your home’s occupants or visitors could inadvertently inflict upon the property. Perhaps a wooden floor in your kitchen has become warped due to your kids having spilled drinks on it or paint has started peeling or cracking on some parts of your home’s walls?

Situations like these could call upon you to embark on a residential renovation project – which shouldn’t be confused with refurbishment work; however, often you might see the words ‘renovation’ and ‘refurbishment’ used seemingly interchangeably. While refurbishing is often about overhauling a space, renovating is usually more about restoring it to a good condition.

So, while – for example – some of your home’s existing roofing materials might have chipped or fallen away as a result of a treacherous storm, you might not strictly need to replace those materials with materials of a different style. If that roof had comprised, say, ceramic tiles, there might still be new ones available in the same style as your old ones.

Hence, a home renovation can – perhaps surprisingly – actually be more time consuming than a home refurbishment, as the former would likely require you to think more carefully about how the work would accommodate many of the building’s existing features and quirks. This could be especially true if the home is a period property with unique decor.

The point we are ultimately building up to here (if you will excuse the construction-related pun) is that, as far as DIY projects go, renovating a home can easily result in a larger number and range of leftover materials than refurbishing it. You might not have realised that 13% of products used for construction projects are simply sent to landfills and never actually used on site.

This certainly doesn’t bode well for the environment, as landfill sites contribute heavily to climate change. Therefore, you want to minimise how many of your waste materials end up there. You should also be careful where else you leave them – as, when hazardous waste is left in the wrong place, chemicals in this waste can potentially contaminate the soil and harm local wildlife.

One definite example of a ‘wrong place’ in this context would be land without a licence to accept waste. Dumping waste in this manner is known as ‘fly-tipping’, an illegal practice that, were you to engage in it in the process of home renovation waste clearance, could see you fined.

The bottom line is, if your home-renovating activities leave you with any unwanted waste, you should start researching local waste carriers who would be licensed to rid your home of these excess materials in a responsible and eco-friendly manner.

Our family-run business, Sheridan Skips, offers skip hire in Manchester and such surrounding areas as Trafford and Oldham. With our skip pickup service, we can help you to efficiently empty your home of various types of waste, which we can subsequently sort through so that eligible materials will be sent to a recycling centre, where they belong.

Why Hire a Skip When It Comes to Home Renovation Projects?

In scope, renovating a home is subtler than remodelling it, for example. Whereas remodelling entails changing the building’s structure or layout, renovating is more about revitalising what is already there, such as by repairing it or updating it to something more contemporary.

Renovating a kitchen, for example, could involve installing new light fixtures, updating outdated appliances and – for certain parts of the room that are beyond easy repair – replacing entire kitchen cupboards, windows, tiles and worktops.

Remodelling is more ambitious and, in a kitchen, could include installing a kitchen island or knocking down one or more of the room’s walls to make for an extended kitchen. All of these moves would change the room’s structure and layout and so constitute remodelling rather than renovating.

While all of this has (generally positive) implications for renovation costs, these can remain prohibitive – and not just in terms of money – if you fail to plan your renovation project carefully. Examples of DIY waste you could garner include unused tools, cans, brushes and materials – perhaps as a result of you having miscalculated exactly how many of each you needed.

Some types of materials and other waste items are bulkier than others, however – as you could find out for yourself if your renovation project turns out to need more extensive work than you had originally expected. You could need to strip out a particularly large kitchen unit or, in more extreme circumstances, arrange for entire walls to be demolished so that they can be fully replaced.

Certain kinds of construction waste, like whole bricks and blocks, you might easily be able to reuse yourself without needing to send them anywhere beyond your home’s boundaries. However, even when you recognise how the construction industry as a whole could repurpose some of your surplus materials, you might still need help with transferring them from your hands to tradespeople’s.

After all, as much as you might be aware of your environmental responsibilities, you might not know how you can make sure that as little of your home renovation waste as possible ends up in a tip. Besides, if you were to take your own car to a tip to dispose of waste, you may end up needing to make multiple journeys, in the process creating fuel emissions that even further damage the planet.

It’s reassuring, then, that we at Sheridan Skips offer skips of various sizes that are capable of holding any type of material – however bulky it might be. Our skips range in size from 4 to 16 cubic yards – and even our bulky waste collection service can spare you having to transport any rubbish by road. With our same-day collection and pickup service, you don’t have to be left waiting, either.

How to Manage Your Waste Correctly with a Professional Skip Provider

However much waste you might need to offload, we have a skip size to suit. While our 4-cubic-yard skips can hold the equivalent of about 30-50 full bin bags, this range increases to approximately 80-100 in the case of our 8-cubic-yard skips and roughly 100-120 for our 12-cubic-yard skips.

The largest skips you can hire from us measure 16 cubic yards each, making these vessels particularly suitable for bulk waste collection. If you are uncertain what skip you need and what to do with certain materials, just ask our friendly team, who can be utilised for advice and information.

We can even accommodate the timeline of your home renovation project; with our same-day pickup and collection service, we are able to bring an empty skip to your property before returning later that day to collect this container.

Our service here includes placing the skip in a place where it won’t provoke objections from the local council. This place could be land belonging to your own private property, such as your driveway or perhaps a private road. However, if circumstances mean the skip would need to be left on a public highway instead, you should research whether you would first need to apply for a skip permit.

Usually, the skip hire firm itself would be responsible for obtaining the skip permit – or, as it can otherwise be called, a skip licence. However, if you live in Manchester or nearby and remain unsure whether you would need to apply for this licence instead, take heart that it’s easy to use the UK Government website to research which rules your particular local council stipulates.

In consulting with you, we can also make sure the timing of our return trip will work for you. That way, you will be able to fill the skip with home renovation waste in time for us to retrieve the now-full unit. So, once we do take this skip away, what will happen to it?

We will make sure the waste contained within is sorted into appropriate categories, allowing all of it to be disposed of in as environmentally friendly a way as possible. We will make sure any hazardous or complex waste is handled safely and any recyclable waste is sent to a recycling centre, thereby helping you to lessen your adverse impact on the planet.

It’s also worth emphasising that we can handle the various types of waste that you might generate in the process of remodelling your home. So, if you will indeed be remodelling your home rather than refurbishing or renovating it, you could take comfort from how we are able to, on your request, swiftly take away such demolition waste as rubble.

Alternatively, you might want to undertake work in a commercial capacity, such as if you are a landlord or property developer and intend to let someone else live in a residential property from which you will nonetheless amass revenue. Fortunately, we are trained in processing commercial waste the local council might not be able to take off your hands.

Provided your home or workplace is in Manchester or any of the surrounding areas, like StockportSale or Bury, our skips could help you to remove any kind of waste from the property. Our expertise even extends to collecting garden waste so that a new, eco-friendly purpose can be found for it. Please give us a call on 0161 647 7668to learn more about our skip hire solutions.

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