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Waste Management & Removal in Manchester

Here at Sheridan Skips, we provide a wide range of solutions to do with waste management. Manchester and the surrounding areas are just some of the places where we can help people, be they builders, construction workers, or homeowners.

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Licensed Waste Carriers

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Bespoke Solutions

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Same Day Drop Off and Collection

Our waste strategy is holistic, cost-effective, and has recycling and the local environment at its heart.

This ensures that, whether you’re a residential or business customer, you can rest easy knowing that the inevitable range of waste that is produced from big construction jobs, or home improvement projects, is being disposed of in a way that helps promote a greener future.

As a family run business that has been offering waste solutions, as well as efficient same-day skip hire for 25 years, we are well aware of what kind of experience is expected by people in Manchester. They want a responsible business that has real-world practical experience and can offer competitive prices which don’t impact the quality of the service that is being offered. All of that, among a host of other things, is exactly what you can expect when you work with Sheridan Skips.

We provide waste collection services and recycling solutions to virtually anyone who needs it and can help create a one-off plan, or a total package, depending on the job at hand.

We have a team of dedicated account managers who will ensure that your needs are met and that waste reduction is undertaken at a time and date that suits you. This customer service team can help manage your project and make tweaks as and when they are needed.

Overall, we aim to make sure that the tonnes of waste you remove are disposed of in a way that meets legal obligations, doesn’t damage your reputation, and is done quickly to avoid bottlenecks.

To learn more, fill out the contact form on this page and a member of our team will get in touch with you to discuss how we can help. Alternatively, you can email us at, or give us a call on 0161 647 7668.

If You Have Any Questions, Don’t Hesitate to Get In Touch Now

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Our Waste Removal Solutions

All sorts of renovation and building work create waste. It is inevitable and needs to happen to allow for progress to take place. What we do at Sheridan Skips involves collecting these unwanted materials and disposing of them in the most appropriate way. For people and organisations wanting to do this on their own, it can take time and often results in inefficient practices that can be harmful to them, and the environment. By handing the responsibility over to us, you save time, reduce the amount of work you need to do, and free yourself up to complete more important tasks.

Our team can work with people across a range of sectors, both public and private, across Manchester City Centre, and the wider county of Lancashire. As a waste company, we know that there is a big difference in refuse requirements across different sectors, including the type of waste that is produced. Some of it is just bulky and needs breaking down. However, in some instances, the waste being disposed of can be dangerous to people if it isn’t handled properly. Not only does this run the risk of harming people, but it could also land you in legislative hot water if negligence is proved. By using our waste collectors, you never have to worry about your team disposing of things improperly, and harming themselves or others in the process.

Knowing you have a group in place that are experts in commercial and municipal waste removal is very comforting. It allows you to focus on the job at hand, safe in the knowledge that a group, who are committed to removing waste from landfill, are recycling as much of the waste as possible.

Here at Sheridan Skips, our two and half decades of experience has allowed us to dispose of all sorts of refuse. This means we instinctively know what to do with debris that we collect from your site or home. If it’s wood, then we know that most of it can be separated out into different grades and easily recycled. However, more complex things such as glass require a little more planning and consideration to ensure it’s recycled properly. No matter what it is, we’re confident we can meet your refuse requirements. 

The Industries We Can Help

Construction and Commercial Waste Management

As a term, ‘construction’ encompasses a lot of things. From local Manchester builders who work to improve people’s homes across the county, to giant firms that are responsible for defining the city’s skyline. At Sheridan Skips, we’re proud that we can offer our waste clearance solutions to all sorts of people in the construction industry. From bricks and plasterboard to wood and metals, we can remove all this refuse from your site safely and legally, at a time that suits you. Each construction client will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will take time to assess the site, the job at hand, and conduct a waste check.

Domestic Refuse Collection For Residential Customers

Improving your home by yourself is a stressful task, and that’s before you even think about all the excess plasterboard, glass, bricks, and mortar that you no longer need. By working with our waste disposal experts, you never have to worry about this because we set up a plan that is bespoke to your project. We can arrange the right time, across pre-selected collection days so you know when to expect us. This allows you to organise your schedule knowing when your type of waste is going to be removed from your property. A clean site, free from debris, allows you to focus on what task needs to be done next.

Industrial Waste Disposal

The waste that is produced by industrial factories is complex, large, and oftentimes dangerous. Our team is experienced in disposing of refuse from industry in a way that doesn’t damage your reputation and the local environment. We can help put together a plan that is in line with your sustainability goals and offer up proactive ways that you can limit waste. We can take dangerous materials such as steel and iron and recycle them where possible. When it comes to large scale industrial waste, you cannot afford to not invest in strategic management of it – the risks are just too great.

Public Sector Waste Solutions

For companies in the public sector, the pressure to maintain a good image, and show that they are going about refuse disposal properly, is a matter of public interest. Reputations can be ruined if proper procedures aren’t followed. We have experience working with public sector companies and can implement bespoke strategies. These strategies will help minimise public frustration and limit the number of bottlenecks that so often hamper a project. Our links to specialist facilities and depots mean we can create a plan that isn’t a drain on the public purse and still hits important budgetary and environmental targets.

House Builders

Housebuilders that are working on multi-site projects need to know that they have controlled waste solution practices in place. We have experience in this sector and can offer housebuilders bespoke plans and waste management. Manchester, and other areas such as Oldham, are places where we have gone to and applied decades of experience to ensure successful removal. We make sure that waste streams can be monitored by our clients and that our dedicated account managers can help with any last-minute adjustments.

Whatever it is you’re disposing of, we’ll take it back to our site before separating it into the correct categories. There are, broadly, four different waste categories – industrial, commercial, domestic, and agricultural. Within those categories are various disposal solutions including reusing and recycling them. We take great care to separate everything out into said categories. We then use our 25 years of experience to dispose of it in the right places so you don’t have to worry about damaging the local environment.

To learn more about domestic and business waste collection services please get in touch with our team. You can contact us by filling out the contact form on this page. You can also drop us an email at, or give us a call on 0161 647 7668. We look forward to hearing about your project, and how our collection services can help you keep the flow of waste removal steady and consistent.

What We Can Remove

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Equipment containing ozone-depleting substances such as fridges
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Chemical wastes such as paint
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Electrical equipment such as TVs
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Bulky metals
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Inert waste
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Construction materials
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Rubber products
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Drill cuttings
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Waste rock

Why Choose Sheridan Skips For Domestic and Commercial Waste Collections

We’re passionate about offering household and commercial waste management. Manchester is our home and we love helping homeowners and larger industries complete projects on time, on budget, and to environmental standards that ensure this county remains a beautiful place to live and work.

We have been operating as a company that removes domestic and business waste in Manchester for 25 years. This makes us ideally suited to help you because we can draw on experience, contacts, and refined processes. For you, our valued customers, you can expect a smooth, friendly service that is hassle-free and designed to make your life easier. We do all this while remaining committed to not harming our local environment. We’re family-run, here at Sheridan Skips, and know the impact that strategic refuse collection can have on projects. It can speed them up, reduce stress, and allows organisations to hit environmental targets that benefit the local area.

Over the years, we have seen Manchester change in so many ways and know every part of it, including places such as Ashton-under-Lyne, Salford, and Altrincham. As a result, we know where all the recycling and refuse centres are. This gives us the ability to create the quickest, most efficient routes that can help to dispose of your waste in the fastest way. Our unrivalled knowledge of both solutions and locations within Manchester means we can instinctively create plans that require minimum input from yourself. This leaves the responsibility to us and allows you to spend more time and resources getting the job done.

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Contact Sheridan Skips To Learn About How We Can Help

Please get in touch if you’re interested to learn more about how we can help your company in the city or across Greater Manchester. Waste removal solutions are our speciality, and we are supremely confident that our process, and dedication to being environmentally-friendly, makes us ideally suited to help you. As our 25 years in the skip hire and refuse collection industry shows, we have a track record of providing bespoke options that help a range of businesses and people.