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Manchester Skip Prices

Discover the best skip prices in Manchester with Sheridan Skips.

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Manchester's Best Skip Prices

From the cheapest to the largest skips in Manchester, Sheridan Skips provides them all. Take a look at our useful guide below to help you find the best skip for your requirements.

4 Yard Skip

Start at £180 inc VAT
4 tonnes of waste

4 Yard Skip

8 Yard Skip

Start at £250 inc VAT
8 tonnes of waste

8 Yard Skip

12 Yard Skip

Start at £330 inc VAT
12 tonnes of waste

12 Yard Skip

16 Yard Skip

Start at £420 inc VAT
Ideal for construction

16 Yard Skip
Skip Hire FAQ's
At Sheridan Skips we understand it's important to provide useful skip hire information to our customers. Discover our most asked questions and guides below to make your skip hire journey as smooth and simple as possible.

How much does a skip cost in Manchester?

Skip hire prices in Manchester start from £180 inc VAT for a 4-yard skip at Sheridan Skips, suitable for small clear-outs. Prices increase with size, with 8-yard skips at £250, 12-yard at £330, and 16-yard skips, ideal for construction waste, at £420. For the most accurate pricing and to find the best option for your project, it’s recommended to get in touch directly. To book your skip or for further assistance, book now or call 0161 675 0661.

Can you put anything in a skip?

Skips can handle a wide range of waste, from household clutter to garden debris. However, not everything is suitable for skip disposal. Accepted items include general household waste, garden waste, wood, bricks, and metal. Items that cannot be placed in a skip due to safety or environmental concerns include electrical appliances, hazardous materials, liquids, and tires. If you’re unsure whether an item can be disposed of in your skip, or to book your skip hassle-free, book now or call us at 0161 675 0661. We’re here to guide you through the process and ensure a smooth skip hire experience in Manchester.

Is it worth getting a skip?

Hiring a skip in Manchester proves invaluable for various projects, including renovations, garden clearances, and large decluttering efforts. It not only saves multiple trips to recycling centres but also ensures waste is disposed of responsibly, aligning with local environmental goals. For a hassle-free way to manage your project’s waste and contribute to sustainability, consider the convenience of a skip. Ready to streamline your waste management? Book now or reach out at 0161 675 0661 for expert advice.

What does a 4 yard skip look like?

A 4-yard skip, compact in size, is perfectly designed for small-scale waste disposal needs, such as garden clearances or minor home renovations. This skip can comfortably fit on most driveways, measuring around 3.2 feet in height, 6 feet in length, and 4.3 feet in width. It’s capable of holding up to 30-40 black bin bags of waste, making it an excellent choice for efficiently managing smaller projects. To determine if a 4-yard skip suits your project, or to book one now, please book now or call 0161 675 0661 for assistance.

What can you fit in a 6 yard skip?

A 6-yard skip is ideally suited for various projects in Manchester, from home renovations to garden makeovers. Capable of holding roughly 50-60 black bin bags of waste, it’s perfect for medium-scale projects such as kitchen refurbishments, bathroom remodels, or extensive garden clean-ups in the Manchester area. This skip size can accommodate a wide array of materials, including general household rubbish, garden waste, soil, bricks, wood, and metal, making it a versatile choice for Manchester residents and contractors alike.

For those looking to undertake a project in Manchester or the surrounding areas, a 6-yard skip offers the ideal waste disposal solution. To confirm if a 6-yard skip meets your needs, or to secure your booking, book now or reach out to us at 0161 675 0661 for personalised assistance.

What is the smallest skip you can rent with Sheridan Skips?

The smallest skip you can rent with Sheridan Skips in Manchester is the 4-yard skip. This compact size is perfect for small-scale projects such as domestic clear-outs, garden tidy-ups, or minor renovations. Ideal for fitting in tighter spaces, it’s a popular choice among Manchester residents looking to efficiently manage a modest amount of waste. To book a 4-yard skip for your Manchester project or for further assistance, book now or call us at 0161 675 0661.